An Electric Future (Sega Does, 2023)

Now you’re processing with blast.

Hail, friends! Hope you all are staying cool wherever you’re located.

You know what time it is: my vacation is officially over and I’m back to playing and reviewing Sega games for all y’all.

Unfortunately, I need to catch up. I played absolutely zero Sega games on my vacation because, well, it was my vacation.

On the plus side, I feel refreshed! Vigorous! Ready to experience obscure oddities that never released outside of Japan!

On the other hand, I’m fresh out of new content today – except for the inevitable podcast posts. Lots to catch up on there, but good news, Sam and I are almost out of old episodes.

You know what that means: new Sega Does Podcast episodes are right around the corner. If I had to ball park it, I’d say by the end of August. So a little over a month! We can’t wait, and we hope you’re excited also.

As for reviews, I’m playing Blue Almanac this week, a somewhat long-ish RPG. Please look forward to that either by Friday or next Monday.

I’m always hoping I can pump out more than one review a week, and I’m still confident/hopeful that I can increase my content output without sacrificing sanity. That said, I’m all about proper work/life balance. Years ago when I was pumping out 2-3 reviews a week, Sega Does felt like a slog more often than I wanted to admit. I’d rather take my time and enjoy myself than quit again because I’m burning myself out.

At any rate! Thank you all so much for reading and listening and being awesome. I’m really excited to continue this Sega journey with you all.


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