Time to Make Books

Hey there, friends, I’ll get straight to the point. It’s time for me to create some books. Only problem is, I don’t know how.

As such, for the next however long, I’m pouring my free time into learning Adobe InDesign and whatever other programs that may assist in said book creation.

This means that Sega Does reviews are, for now, going on the back burner. With job and family responsibilities taking up the bulk of my time, my free time is limited. Thus, one project at a time – for now.

I foresee myself posting reviews again on Sega Does at some point in the future, but I’m not even going to try to predict a date for when that might be.

Sega Does as a site will continue to exist. The Sega Does Podcast will return with new episodes, as scheduled, in late August/early September. Every time a new episode drops, I will post a mini-blurb on the site to inform you all of its presence.

To everyone who reads, listens, or leaves comments, thanks so much for your support. You know I appreciate you all.


*brilliant art by Miijiu

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Best of luck! Can’t wait for new reviews to resume but will definitely enjoy the new episodes of the podcast!

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