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Sega Does Podcast, Ep 41: As If We Never Left

We’re back, baby!

My friends, welcome… to the renewed, refreshed, revitalized Sega Does Podcast!

Sam and I return on this our first new episode in 7+ years. Wow. Time sure does fly when you’re not making podcasts.

On this episode, we do what we do best: discuss old games released on Sega consoles in chronological order. Only this time, we are very much older and hopefully, somewhat, sort of, wiser.

Oh, and we’re on Youtube now, if that’s easier for you:

New episodes will be every two weeks for the foreseeable future. Please look forward to them!

If you like this episode, if you don’t like this episode, if you just want to say hello or goodbye, please leave a comment. We will read them on a future episode of the podcast.

Special thanks to Carissa Cornelius for illustrating this episode’s art card!

Thank you all so much for listening and supporting the show. We’re glad you’re here!


6 replies on “Sega Does Podcast, Ep 41: As If We Never Left”

Hey great to hear some new stuff! I cant believe it was 7 years!? Thats insane! Immensely enjoyed the podcast.

Rise from your grave! Great to have you guys back after such a long hiatus. I’m really looking forward to you tackling the the nostalgic wonders of the Mega CD, 32X and Saturn in future episodes.

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