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Sega Does Podcast, Ep 42: More Cockpit Than Man

Come along for the ride.

Another episode of the Sega Does Podcast? That’s right, folks. Can’t stop, won’t stop.

On this episode, we dive into forgotten Mega Drive titles like Air Diver and DJ Boy. Do these lost wonders deserve a second chance?…

Once again, thank you so much for listening. As you might imagine, not putting out a new episode for seven years really kills any momentum a project like this has.

To see Episode 41 be embraced by the Sega fan community at large is very heartwarming and encouraging.

As always feel free to leave a comment and we will absolutely read it out on a future episode of the podcast!

This episode’s amazing art card is by Carissa Cornelius. Thanks to her for all her help and support of the show!


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