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Sega Does Podcast, Ep. 43: Classic and Catastrophe

Rise and shine, cadet.

Is it possible for the Sega Does Podcast to go a single episode without one space shooter? Not while we’re still in 1990, con sarn it.

At least today’s game lineup features one of the greatest Genesis shoot-em-ups ever. A consolation, indeed, while we wait for Sonic the Hedgehog to usher in the Age of Platformers.

As a reminder, Sega Does Podcast is a podcast dedicated to covering every game ever released for a Sega console ever in chronological order. We’ve already covered every SG-1000 game, about half the Master System library, and we’re currently deep into Genesis and Game Gear. The Genesis is Sega’s crown jewel with over 1,000 games released in all territories, so… we’ll be here for awhile folks.

Oh and we’re also on Youtube now, if that’s where you prefer to get your podcasts.

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As always, thanks to Carissa Cornelius for the smashing artwork!

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2 replies on “Sega Does Podcast, Ep. 43: Classic and Catastrophe”

I just can’t help but still like Whip Rush. It’s still a solid B for and a good early Genesis shooter that had the unfortunate timing to release near Thunder Force 3.

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