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Sega Does Podcast, Ep. 46: Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker

We remember the time.

Michael Jackson’s achievements are history now. For many, uncomfortable history.

If you grew up when he was at the height of his powers, however, you know just how untouchable and otherworldly he seemed. Off the Wall and Thriller are untouchable classics. His legendary voice. His supernatural dancing abilities. The man was iconic.

Sega’s Moonwalker game comes at a time when cracks were starting to appear in Jackson’s wholesome facade. Bad wasn’t nearly as good or iconic as Thriller, and his immense fame and wealth just seemed to be making him… weird.

Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker is everything Jackson himself was in the late 80s/early 90s: strange, compelling, and at times, very boring – but always fascinating.

On Episode 46 of the Sega Does Podcast, Sam and Dylan devote the entire episode to discussing Moonwalker. Does it hold up? Does it even matter?

As always, the spectacular episode cover art is provided by Carissa Cornelius of Stubby Tail Studios. Thank you, Carissa!

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