So, How ‘Bout Them Sega Games!

Ooh wow, it’s been awhile.

Don’t worry, friends, I haven’t forgotten about ya. We just moved into our new place in a new state and are currently getting our belongings/jobs situated.

Once things settle down a bit, I’ll be posting like I’ve never posted before! Or I’ll just go back to my regular post every-other-day gig, whatever works.

Your faithful subject,

– DC


4 thoughts on “So, How ‘Bout Them Sega Games!

  1. Take your time, buddy! Question…I heard you talking about your reluctance to doing video on your podcast and I get that, you being a writer and all. But, have you ever thought about There’s not a whole lot of production involved because it’s live, other than the camera and other requirments. It would really be just you talking while playing. I find myself watching a lot of it and thought about your stuff and I think it would be a good fit…

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