What is Sega Does?


Sega Does is a blog that will one day have a review / overview of every game ever released for a Sega console. From the obscure SG-1000 to the beloved Dreamcast, not one game will be spared.


This includes: worldwide releases, Japan-only releases, Europe-only releases, Brazil-only releases.

This does not include: most unlicensed titles, most hacks that saw commercial releases in their home country (sorry Taiwan and Korea), homebrew games.


Games will be reviewed in chronological order to the best of my abilities. I will be using the Japanese dates for most games, including worldwide releases. This is due to their specificity. American and European release dates include little more than the month and year of release. Japanese dates include month, day, and year. “My abilities” at this moment do not include Japanese comprehension. This hasn’t hindered my progress much thus far, but I better know some Japanese by the time I get to the Saturn.



This TokiMemo game doesn’t give its feelings away to any ol’ pasty English speaker!


Any games that have a release across multiple systems – like NBA Jam, which saw Genesis, Game Gear, and Sega CD releases – will be discussed in one gigantic review for comparison reasons.


I will also be writing brief features on the consoles themselves and any significant peripherals. Variants / systems like the CDX, Wondermega, Nomad, Pico, etc. will receive write ups as well.



Sega really wanted all of your hard-earned Clinton dollars.


Have any questions? Feel free to leave them in the comments section.

Enjoy the reviews!




‘Confused Sonic’ image courtesy of EdoBean.

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15 thoughts on “What is Sega Does?

  1. Great work so far Dylan! I very much enjoy your reviews and podcast. I have a feeling that the popularity of your reviews will grow exponentially as you delve further into the Genesis/Mega Drive catalog.

  2. I’ll be very interested to follow your progress once you get into the Saturn; especially when you have to start playing and reviewing some of the Saturn “yellow label” and “red label” games – that should be a hoot! Great job so far man, I’m really enjoying your take on these games.

  3. I was wondering if you would ever consider doing an overview of classic Sega marketing? I was watching Sega commercials on Youtube recently and they’re quite funny and usually very over the top, in the best 90s style.

    1. While I will mention it in a writeup, along with its games, I will not delve into specific games for two reasons: 1) I’m focusing specifically on Sega-developed hardware and the games released for it; and 2) the cost for the majority of these games is insane.

      Thanks for the question!

  4. id love to help review if you ever need it. i have hundreds of sega games in a library of thousands. i find your reviews overall to be fair and fun to read.

  5. FUN Site this one here.
    If owning a “GENESIS” (US VERSION) or “EUROPEAN MEGA DRIVE”-you can insert Cartridges for those two Regions only-they fit into the Cartridge Slot.
    Both Machines run with “English CHIPSET”,European Mega Drive just at “50 HZ” for Pal TVs.
    Otherwise they’re the same machine-just the “Lockout Software” prevent newer Software from other Parts of the World to play on the Machine if it’s from a different country the Cartridge used.

    To get a “GENESIS” or “EUROPEAN MEGA DRIVE” able to use “Japanese Mega Drive Cartridges” do
    this thing:
    Look at Cartridge Slot:In the Upper Right Hand Corner and Upper LeftHandcorner,you see 2 pie-
    ces of “Plastic”,their direction face toward the Center of the Cartridge Slot.
    Now use a proper “Mace” or “KNIFE” and cut those pieces of Plastic away-once removed you can
    insert Japanese Mega Drive Cartridges into the Machine-the 2 pieces were blocking doing it.
    The European and US-Cartridges have,if you look at them in the Back 2 openings-these openings
    do fit into the 2 pieces of Plastic-the Japanese Cartridges haven’t got openings in the Back.
    Please be careful when cutting the pieces of plastic out-don’t hurt your fingers while cutting.
    You could alternatively use a big “RASP” -it has to be a big one to rasp those plastic pieces away.
    Works too and does not risk to cut your finger.
    I still got my “JAPANESE MEGA DRIVE” from 1989,and it is modified to play all games:50/60 HZ and US/JAP CHIPSET-all machines can get modified by technicians if wanted to or you can buy a
    Region out Lock-Adapter which allows the Region of the Cartridge to be used to be adjusted:
    MEGA KEY ADAPTER for SEGA MEGA DRIVE is great for it.
    IN Essence,the early Cartridges will work on any “Mega Drive” and “Genesis”,until early 1992.
    The First Game Cartridges to be Regionlocked were:
    Games up until Spring 1992 will play on any MEGA DRIVE/GENESIS Console published until that

    If anyone does not want to cut out the pieces of plastic you can also buy the “MEGA KEY ADAPTER” -you put the Cartridge on Top of it and adjust the Region with “DIP SWITCHES” on the
    Back of the Cartridges.
    If your Cartridges are not “Region-Locked”,you can as an alternative use:
    PRO ACTION REPLAY (1 to 3)
    and put the Cartridge on Top of the “CHEATING CARTRIDGE” now you can turn the MEGA DRIVE
    /GENESIS on with the JAPANESE Cartridge on Top-European Cartridges fit directly into the SEGA
    GENESIS Cartridge Slot cause they look the same and are the same type of Cartridge as the US-
    GENESIS Cartridges are.

    I own 3 MEGA DRIVES:1 JAPANESE/2MEGA DRIVES (EUROPEAN;1modified,1 not),Power Base Ada-
    Used to own A SEGA MASTER SYSTEM in 1987,and kept it for about 2 Years than sold it.
    When having played for about 4 to 5 Hours it overheated and you could not continue gaming with it and needed it to cool down for a couple of hours before you could play.
    With Sega Power Base Converter for Mega Drive I can still play all “SMS” games on MEGA DRIVES,
    so the Console was no longer needed-it’s fault of machine-I still got the Power Adaptor Supply for
    a Mega Drive and it works always and does not overheat at all like the “SMS” did.

    Remember that many European Companies published many games in Europe like PGA TOUR GOLF for “SMS” and many more also in BRAZIL later too.
    I don’t know why Sega lost in the “USA” to NINTENDO-in my opinion,and a Magzine confirms it
    too-the “SMS” was superior over the “NES” it had 64 colours,”NES ” had only “53 Colours”-games
    looked better:
    Compare “OUT RUN” on “SMS ” to “RAD RACER” on the “NES” -Out Run was the ARCADE Hit and
    “RAD RACER” just a “cheap Rip off” -Out Run wannabe-not looking as good-not playing as good
    and not being so much Fun to play as Out Run is.

    I love playing Shining Force SC1-3 and PREMIUM DISK-got those Patched by the Shining Force
    FAN SITE-and they’re all English now and great Fun to play really.
    My “SEGA HARDWARE” always seemed to outlived the “NINTENDO HARDWARE” -needed to get
    new “NINTENDO NES” and new “NINTENDO SNES”,only the Game Boy still works.

    Anyway great Site this one.

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