Welcome to Sega Does, 2018

  For those who are brand new to Sega Does, please read this first. Happy 2018, friends! It’s a new year, and that means new goals and, more importantly, new perspectives. I’ve struggled to understand this site’s identity for some time now, but last night, I had an epiphany.

Interview with Uncommon Journalism

  Hey there, Sega friends! I recently had an excellent article written about me by James Swift of Uncommon Journalism. I thought some of you would be interested in this, so I’ve included the link below. http://uncommonjournalism.blogspot.com/2017/04/welcome-to-next-level.html I’ve had a few interviews over the years, and while none of them were bad, James asked some […]

Sega Game Gear

  You will enjoy Columns.   The adjustable wrist strap is priceless these days.     RELEASED: 10/06/90 – (JP),    04/26/91 – (US),     06/24/91 – (UK),      06/1991 – (EU),    07/1991 – (BR) PRICE: 19,800 yen – (JP), $149.95 – (US), ₤99.99 (UK), R$160,000 – (BR) TECH SPECS: Zilog Z80 running at 3.5 Mhz, 8KB […]


  UPDATE: Thanks for all your help, everyone. I’m sorry you all were linked to a password-protected post. This won’t happen again.   Terrifying image courtesy of Virus-20.   On Tuesday, I tried a little experiment. I posted my latest review XDR, but I made it password-protected and hid it below the previous review, Melon […]

Sega Does Update – Fall 2016

    Hello friends. I’m sorry if it seems like I pump out more personal updates than I do game reviews on Sega Does. It’s not intentional! My world has just been hectic for the last year. I’m still not fully recovered from both crippling loss and an overall lack of time. That being said, […]

The Sega Mega Modem

  This article is brought to you by the legendary Greg Sewart of classic EGM fame. He currently produces the outstanding video series, Generation-16 on Youtube, and co-hosts the Player One Podcast with Chris Johnston, Phil Theobold, and Ethan Einhorn.   The modem itself. You can see the microphone on the top-left of the unit. […]

The Pioneer LaserActive

  Hey everyone. Join me in welcoming the first ever Sega Does guest author, Taylor Pinson. He’s going to jump ahead a few years in the current SD timeline and discuss the Pioneer LaserActive. He’ll also be reviewing some of its games in the coming weeks. Please enjoy! – DC     If we have […]

What is Sega Does?

  Sega Does is a blog that will one day have a review / overview of every game ever released for a Sega console. From the obscure SG-1000 to the beloved Dreamcast, not one game will be spared.   This includes: worldwide releases, Japan-only releases, Europe-only releases, Brazil-only releases. This does not include: most unlicensed […]

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