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Update From Beyond

Dylan sleep now.

Hello. My name is Dylan and I am exhausted. Exhausted. I am currently working on a large all-consuming project, in addition to working far more hours than I’m used to at my job.

Lack of sleep + lack of time = no Sega reviews.

But tomorrow is Saturday, which means that I will have all day to work on whatever I want. And I want to review a 1989 Master System game for you all to enjoy.  Please look forward to it, and in the meantime, there’s always the archives.



(thanks to RAWN89 for the charming drawing)

7 replies on “Update From Beyond”

Hi Dylan, I’m a master system collector and really enjoy the work you’re doing with the web site. I would like to ask about the podcast, iTunes is how I was listening to the show, however it’s now saying segadoes is not valid and I can’t subscribe. Also it won’t let me download archive episodes, any ideas? I’m missing my sega fix. Keep up the good work!


All the best mate as always. Like Doug I do miss the Podcasts but it can’t be helped. Still enjoy the reviews though. I got hold of a Mega CD recently off a mate who found it in his nan’s attic. Just got to get some cables for it.

Take care of yourself

– Tony

My memories (and collection) are more linked to Mario and the gang, but thanks to your reviews I am planning to collect games from the blue hedhehog’s
house as well.

Keep up the awesome work here and kudos for the great questicle too!

Greetings from Chile

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