Why ROMs? Why Not ROMs?


Hello friends! Yes, I’m still on vacation. Yes, I’m still not using ROMs. I have, however, expanded on my reasoning for not using ROMs in a new post on my blog, Dylan in Transition.

Check it out here. Beware, there’s a lot of Christian talk in this post. If anything, the talk is aimed at myself and other Christians, not anyone who might be of a different faith. My desire is not to offend anyone, but merely to share what happened to me.

See you in August!

What’s Next! – December 1990, Part 2


Sega Does Too Much!


You all remember Sega games, right? Well, December’s chock full of ’em. 30, to be exact. The first 15 games I covered in Part 1 of this post. If you missed any of them, all the links to the reviews are there, save for Star Cruiser, which is coming next week.

The next 15 games are below. Most will be simple, quick, and easy. Some are going to be extra-large, American-sized reviews, complete with high blood pressure. Now that the Game Gear’s out, the Genesis is picking up steam, and the Master System is gaining new life in Europe, multi-system reviews are the future.

For example, my coverage of Paperboy begins with its Master System release in December of ’90, but I’ll also cover the Genesis and Game Gear games in the same review, even though neither of those ports emerged until 1992. I’ve been doing this off and on for awhile (see: Klax or G-LOC), but multi-system reviews look as though they’re going to become more common as I move into 1991. It can’t be helped!

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Long ago, I allowed Patreons who pledged at a certain tier to choose any game they wanted for me to review (I have since removed this tier and am thankful that only a couple folks took me up on it).  One of my patrons chose Bastion. They’ve waited patiently for me to purchase the game, play it to completion, and review it, hopefully to their satisfaction. Yes, by posting it here I’m breaking the Chronological and Gameological Bylaws of Sega Does, in that, it is a game that has nothing to do with Sega and its inclusion does not adhere to the blog’s chronological nature. For the sake of you law abiding readers out there, I hope you can forgive me.


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