The State of Sega Does, 2024

A brighter future.

2024 is off to a curious start here at Sega Does.

First off, the Sega Does Podcast reboot is officially finished. Sam and I had a blast reuniting and making more episodes, but unfortunately, there just wasn’t enough interest in the show to warrant continuing.

All episodes will be available on all your favorite podcast distributors for the near future, but they will eventually be gone from the Internet forever. Download and listen while you can.

As for the site itself? Well, I hate to leave work unfinished, and Sega Does is very much unfinished.

When the time comes for me to start reviewing games again, you all will be the first to know.



4 replies on “The State of Sega Does, 2024”

I’m sorry to hear that Dylan, but thanks for all the podcast episodes. Hope to see new reviews on the site sometime, but whatever you choose to do, be well!

Sad news but not totally unexpected. A regular podcast is a huge commitment these days and the pandemic and post-pandemic years seem to have taken a toll on everybody and made a lot of these types of projects much harder to sustain. To even bring the podcast back for a short time was admirable. But hey, at least it was great while it lasted and much appreciated by those who did listen, including me!

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