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Hey there, Sega friends!

I recently had an excellent article written about me by James Swift of Uncommon Journalism. I thought some of you would be interested in this, so I’ve included the link below.

I’ve had a few interviews over the years, and while none of them were bad, James asked some really great questions that I’ve never been asked. Great stuff!

Expect a new review Friday. Until then!


13 replies on “Interview with Uncommon Journalism”

Really nice interview, thanks for highlighting it!

I remember reading your Slaughter Sport review, I can see the game made quite an impression on you 🙂

All the best!

That’s a good read – thanks for sharing! Without wanting to intrude, I hope your health is ok these days.

Really enjoyable read, nice to get to know the man behind the reviews.
I laughed at the end when it mentioned the possible PlayStation chronogaming once you had finished Sega Does. I smiled and thought I love this guy but he is quite simply mad lol.

Cool. Great interview. I know it was about your blog, but I want to hear more about that healing ministry.

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