Sega Does is Under Construction


Yes, Sega Does is under construction. Don’t mind the broken links, missing reviews, and awkward look.

All links, reviews, and a semi-coherent aesthetic will be restored soon. Then, Lord willing, reviews will resume again on a regular basis.

I’ve wanted to review more Sega games for the last few months, but before I began reviewing in earnest (2-3 reviews a week – like the old days), I wanted to move Sega Does over to a different hosting site. Today, I transferred everything over.

In other words, Sega Does 2.0 is in progress! I’m not sure what the future holds other than more Sega reviews, but I’m excited and optimistic.

As always, thanks for reading!



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4 thoughts on “Sega Does is Under Construction

  1. Excellent news! I’ve een following you since the NES days and your writing has been entertaining/informing constantly. SegaDoes is literally a crazy idea, but in a world gone mad only a lunatic is truly insane (enough to do it).

    Glad you’re back Dylan!

  2. I somehow missed this update – can’t wait to see your excellent reviews and features start to pick up steam again!

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