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Welp, I’ve gone done it. I’ve jumped into an increasingly crowded party pool for aspiring ne’er-do-wells. I’ve started a Patreon.


There’s some complicated feelings behind this move. I’ve been wanting to start a Patreon since summer 2014, but I held off, due to moving cross-country, lack of planning, and big dumb irrational fear. The latter has kept me back for the last couple months. After all, who am I to ask someone to donate some of their hard-earned dollars/euros/pounds/etc towards my niche Sega reviews/podcast? “Surely there are better uses of people’s money!” The latter is what my mind has been spouting at me since the thought of a Patreon first entered my mind, and I’ve believed it, even though the argument was and is spurious. There are always better uses of our money. There is no reason anyone should buy a Starbucks Venti Frappucino that costs five dollars and is only good for about three sips. Or a three-dollar car air freshener that nauseates you with “Cinnamon Hospital” smell for two days before it finally dies. Or – from my own personal examples, of which there are many – forty dollars worth of chips and salsa a month. Yes, you read right: I spend about forty dollars a month on chips and salsa. Yes, I am disgusting, but in my defense, I’m an addict – and good salsa is really expensive.


What I could (should?) be spending forty dollars a month on – besides the best snack food ever – is a couple bags of groceries for a needy family. Or fresh water initiatives in third-world countries. Or an album from an indie band I love or a book by a talented up-and-coming author. Or, really, anything else besides chips and salsa because I grossed myself out with that figure I just posted.


What if I spent twenty dollars a month on chips and salsa instead of forty? Would that make my habit less disgusting? Yes, slightly, and I could give the rest to something. Because giving money to support a cause you believe in – whether the cause is artistic in nature or something more altruistic – is never a waste.


I’m not sure I would call chronological Sega reviews a ’cause,’ per say, but it is a passion for me and for the many visitors that roam this site’s back pages. I love it, but the act of writing, researching, and playing the games takes up an increasing amount of my time – and will only continue to do so as I progress through into Genesis and beyond.


If you’ve enjoyed Sega Does – blog, podcast or both – or Questicle, please check out my Patreon.

As always, thanks so much for reading, commenting, and just being awesome. Whether you decide to donate or not, I appreciate your support more than you know. And just so you know – for clarity’s sake – I don’t plan on turning into this.



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