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Sega Does Site Update: September/October 2014

Greeting and salutations from the depths of my sleep-deprived mind!

I just wanted to give a brief update on some upcoming happenings and some already-happeneds around the site.

First off, as some of my more eagle-eyed readers may have noticed, I have taken down the Peripherals sections from below each system. Originally, I was going to write articles about every single worthwhile peripheral released for Sega’s systems; “worthwhile” meaning the peripheral was notable in some way i.e. the Dreamcast Keyboard for Typing of the Dead or the Master System’s 3-D glasses for Zaxxon 3-D (among others). But it all comes down to this: I want to devote more time to the games themselves and articles about the peripherals get in the way of that. Instead of full-fledged articles, I’ll be including information about specific peripherals into reviews of the games that use them. I doubt anyone really cares about this change, but I felt like it should be noted. First up: Hang-On II and the Bike Handle.

This brings me to my next subject: time, or lack thereof. I’m currently getting ready for a cross-country move at the end of September. The move is about three weeks away, which gives us time to prepare, but as it so happens, the company I work for is also undergoing a major transition of its own right this moment. As a result of my company’s transition, I’m working more hours, along with preparing for a humongous move at the same time. All this to say, the next month or two on Sega Does might be a bit lacking in content. God willing, the podcast will continue unabated (Podcast #10 is coming, hopefully by the end of this week), but reviews might decrease to about three or less a week until I get settled into a new town/new apartment/new job/new life – ETA mid-to-late October. Please understand.

Thanks for your continued readership. I’m really looking forward to digging into the Master System library with you all.


7 replies on “Sega Does Site Update: September/October 2014”

Maybe an article or two about the hardware as they come up , like you did with the SG1000. Covering peripherals seperately seems kind of ridiculous. But I liked the SG100 hardware article you started out with. I don’t see why like you said they couldn’t be touched upon in reviews or when talking about the systems. Good change. I had noticed it too and and liked the streamlining.

I always did feel that looking at a peripheral without looking at its games alongside it would have been a little strange, so this change feels like the right thing to do.

As far as timings go, take all the time you need. I think I speak for most people when I say we’re not going to abandon the site just because a review isn’t forthcoming. Moving house is extremely stressful, I know, having done it twice in my life.

Looking forward to the first days of the Master System!

Oh whine and cry! I can’t believe you are depriving me of your wit and insight simply because nearly every facet of your life is changing…jeez…the gall! Seriously, be safe, good luck, I’ll still read whatever you put out whenever. Take your time adjusting.

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