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Six Months Later: Where Do We Go From Here?

How time flies.

Good day, friends and associates of Sega Does.

It’s been about six months since I started this blog to review every game across every Sega console. Given this mild anniversary, I think it’s only fair to bust out a few stats about Sega Does and discuss where the site should go next.

Since late April, I have reviewed over 80 games. Together, we’ve traversed through the entire SG-1000 library, and are currently entering into the depths of the Mark III / Master System. The site has also received over 600 comments and over 32,000 views during this time. Not bad, considering the main focus for the majority of the site’s existence has been a system few people outside of Japan have played or even heard of.

I look forward, not only to growing the site, but also to expanding it. I want Sega Does to be an all-around Sega hub, filled with information and insights that you can only get here. Yes, the blog will still predominantly be a one-man trek through Sega’s various consoles, and yes, the podcast will, for the most part, be me and Sam rambling about Sega games. But there will be more. The question is, what?

For those of you who have been with the blog/podcast for awhile, read/heard the positives and negatives, this question is for you:

What arenas would you like to see Sega Does venture into, if any, beyond the written reviews and podcasts? Video? Streaming? Forums? Something else?

Are there any areas where Sega Does could improve?

I have my own initiatives I would like to take with the site, but before I fly off the handle and do something crazy, I want to hear from the readers and listeners – you guys and gals. I could lie and say I’d tackle this endeavor even if no one read the posts or listened to the show, but the truth is, I don’t know if I could. It’s incredibly gratifying to read people’s responses – both positive and negative – to one’s work, and frankly, your responses keep me going on the harder days. So thank you. Everybody’s comments and views means a great deal.

Please leave your thoughts in the comments section below. I encourage anybody who visits the site on a regular basis to comment if you have any ideas, even if you don’t comment normally. I will consider everyone’s suggestions and let you know what I’ve decided after this post has been up for a couple days.

Thanks again for your continued patronage. I look forward to the next six months, two years, decade – however long it takes to see this madness through.


16 replies on “Six Months Later: Where Do We Go From Here?”

I don’t really have any suggestions, but it would be fun to see something else being added to this site. I’m not a frequent commenter but I have a lot of fun reading your reviews, so seeing more content here would be awesome. Cheers!

Maybe a ‘best of’ section with your favourite reviews or a series/best games list feature ? Like a page with all the Champion Sports reviews together on one page and all the Wonderboy ones etc.
Then you could do, for example Dylan’s top 10 SG-1000 games.
Only other thing I would add is make sure you don’t lose what makes this special and unique in the first place.

32,000 views! Boy I feel so inadequate with my poultry 3,500. I thoroughly enjoy the reviews and the podcasts. You and Sam do great work. I wouldn’t like to make any suggestions to be honest because I wouldn’t want you guys to upset the cart. All I will say is you can count on my support.

I think the site is just fine as it is, my only suggestion would be more screenshots, honestly. I think a forum might be fun but the comments section seems to function pretty well in that regard.
Keep up the good work, man!

I love the site and congratulate you on this mini-milestone! If there was anything I could suggest it would be to maybe post some videos of your play-through. The reviews and podcasts are great, but a couple video snippets from each game might give everyone the full experience of each game and help readers connect even more. It’s a pretty lofty and very time consuming idea, but just something to kick around if you haven’t already. Keep up the great work!

I know I’ve said this before but the 8 bit era really was the first era of really good graphics from game consoles. And since Video Games are such an Audio/Visual medium, I wouldn’t mind seeing some more screenshots of these games. Not talking like HG-101 level of screenshots. But enough to show the variety of levels and enemies and bosses in the game. Obviously some games really don’t need a lot to convey the game. Like most SG-1000 games. Im not really gonna push for video. I mean almost all of these games have some kind of video on YouTube. If making your own slows down the project I don’t know if I would be for that. Also I look at that Ages of Sega series that started doing Basically what your doing in video form that started shortly after this blog. Ya it’s pretty much dead after 12 games. I do like when you link videos of pertinent stuff in the articles. Like Teddy Boy.

You know there are so many all encompassing Sega and Nintendo sites, with reviews, I don’t know if you really want to copy that. What your doing is fairly unique.

You know what I like on wordpress blogs? Comment RSS feeds. I like reading people’s comments and obviously making them. A feed of comments would be cool instead of scrolling back through recent articles to see if there are new comments. But if someone comments on older stuff no one will read it but you as it is.

I can’t think of anything else that I’d be dying to see right now.

I like the thought of doing videos, but I couldn’t do them now anyway, since I don’t have the time.

How many screenshots? My concern is, with how my layout is structured, too many screenshots overshadow the writing. I’m not really for putting anymore in between paragraphs. Maybe I could dump a couple at the end of the review? I’ll think about it.

As for Comment RSS feeds… I will look into that. is surprisingly finicky with what they will and will not allow you to modify, but I’ll at least see what they offer.

As for streams, yeah, this would be fun. Hopefully in the future.

If you want to subscribe to ALL comments on the site, you can sign up at

Or if you just want to sign up for one particular review’s comments, click the “Notify me of new comments via e-mail” tab. That is the best I can do for now. Hope this helps!

Hey that worked great. Added it to MyYahoo page as content. (One of the few web RSS feed readers left) worked great. I know I tried to before but it didn’t exist in the past.

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