Sega Does Update – End of 2016


Merry holidays, friends! I hope you and your loved ones are enjoying the effects of global warming this warm and frosty winter.


The end of 2016 is upon us and with that comes reflection. In terms of both views and visitors, Sega Does had its best year ever. 2016 alone saw over 70,000 views and upwards of 20,000 visitors. Not bad for a niche Sega blog! In 2017, as I get deeper into the vast Genesis library, crack open the rich acidic innards of the Game Gear, and maybe dip my toe into the Sega CD, I’m sure interest will increase. Thanks to all of you loyal readers for making this happen. As always, if you ever have any constructive criticism or positive feedback about the site or my reviews, leave a comment or shoot me an e-mail.


In April, I was honored to be a part of the Retronauts panel at Midwest Gaming Classic, alongside Jeremy Parish, Bob Mackey, and Greg Sewart. To say that this was a thrill is an understatement. It was the friggin’ bees knees, and I don’t bust that phrase out lightly. Jeremy and Bob were awesome and generous hosts, and Greg was a fantastic hotel roommate who has since become a friend. One of the year’s best memories, no question.



Awesome art from an awesome show (thanks to Retronauts for the image).


This update will be the last Sega Does post for 2016. I’ll be taking a much-needed break from Dec. 25th through January 1st and will return with new posts on the 2nd.


The goal for 2017 will be, as always, 2-3 reviews a week. Whether I hit this consistently or not is in God’s hands, but this is the ideal. I would also like to start producing books in 2017. My only limitation is money. I don’t have the finances available to pay my graphic designer what he requires, thus book production will be on hold until then. Could I design the books myself? With a few tutorials, I’m sure I could whip something together, but I’d prefer the books not be of amateur quality.



Off-model Sonic cries out for more Sega-branded literature!


Most importantly, thanks to all of you for reading and sticking with me, lo these past three years. If nobody was interested, I’d be hard-pressed to continue. As it stands, I’m continuously flattered and humbled that anyone cares about my grandiose chrono-blog. Forget Sonic, Tails, Alex Kidd, Ecco: you guys are the real Sega superstars. Take care, and I’ll see you (Lord willing) in 2017!

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0 thoughts on “Sega Does Update – End of 2016

  1. Merry Christmas Dylan. Thanks to you, Taylor and your other guest writers (and other commenters) for getting/keeping this blog going and providing such a consistently great read. Enjoy the break!

  2. Merry Christmas Dylan. I love reading your reviews. They make me laugh, yet I can tell you take the reviews seriously. Best wishes on a productive 2017!

  3. Merry Christmas indeed, and I’m happy you’re finding the motivation to keep pursuing Sega Does!

    I’m actually going through my large Retronauts backlog and happen to be currently at the point of the live show where you come up as a guest! I found it quite interesting to see two of my main go to destinations for retro gaming doing a podcast together 🙂

    All the best to you and your family, hope this season and 2017 is a happy, joyous and healthy one. Thank you, as always, for all the effort you put into this, and keep up the good work!


  4. Thanks for your hard work and entertainment in 2016 Dylan.
    The site grows stronger with every passing review and will one day god willing be a brilliant Sega review encyclopaedia.

    All the best to you, Taylor, Jeff and your other guests. This is a great place to hang and talk Sega.

    Looking forward to 2017.

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