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What’s Next! – May 1991

Summer’s on the horizon.

Spring has sprung. The sun grows stronger with every passing day. The heat… is rising.

Welcome to May 1991 and a surprisingly short, punchy list of games. There’s a little something for everyone on here. Arcade titles, shoot-em-ups, parlor games, and even the start of a supposedly fantastic golf series on the Genesis.

May is a perfect little prelude for the following month. Indeed, in June 1991, Sega would release the first entry in a series that would change their company’s fortunes forever…

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Below are the seven games released for Sega consoles in May 1991.

BONANZA BROS. – 05/17/91

An early Genesis arcade port that Sega re-releases as often as possible; you can find it on Virtual Console (RIP), various Genesis compilations, and Steam if you’re so inclined. I haven’t played it in years, but the last time I did (12 years ago?), I couldn’t get hooked on these particular brothers. We’ll see.

MAPPY – 05/24/91

Namco’s classic arcade hit Mappy hits the Game Gear – but only in Japan, for some reason! I predict awkward screen scrolling a la Game Gear Pac-Man.

FIRE MUSTANG – 05/31/91

A Japanese-only shoot-em-up. Not releasing internationally doesn’t usually bode well for the game’s quality, but at least the name Fire Mustang is pretty boss. Here’s hoping I’m reasonably entertained.

ZERO WING – 05/31/91

At long last, it’s the “all your base are belong to us!” shoot-em-up! I look forward to submerging myself in millions of bullets and awkward English.


Another puzzle game for the Game Gear. How does one successfully cross Solitaire and Poker, you ask? The answer (according to the Japanese box art) is a woman’s bikini-clothed buttocks*. Case closed.

*No, you may not have a link to this.


EA’s acclaimed golf series got its start here. Will it best Arnold Palmer Tournament Golf for the Supreme Golf Champion of my heart? Fools can dream.


Another online-exclusive Mega Drive game, released only in Japan. This is the first of several Pyramid Magic entries to come, so I hope it has something to offer. Otherwise, my office will be full of disgruntled sighs.

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Ah, PGA Tour Golf, I have a copy of that from Blockbuster someone neglected to return 30 some odd years ago.

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