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Marksman Shooting / Trap Shooting / Safari Hunt (MS, 1987)

The Light Phaser combo cart extravaganza.

A whole lot of blah for half the price.



GENRE: Light Gun


This cartridge should have been titled Light Phaser: The Collected Works, Vol. 1. The name change wouldn’t justify the cart’s dearth of substance, but at least the clumsiness of Marksman Shooting / Trap Shooting / Safari Hunt would be erased. Plus, the new title implies that the games collected therein are important from a historical perspective, never mind their quality. It’s not entirely true, but it makes the games sound more appealing than they actually are.

My original reviews:

Marksman Shooting / Trap Shooting

Safari Hunt

Three of the Master System’s blandest Light Phaser games for the price of one? I suppose if you’re hard up for some shootin’, but even compared to other combo carts, none of the games on here have/had a substantial amount of content to warrant a purchase. Marksman Shooting / Trap Shooting gives you 99 rounds of clay pigeons and human-shaped paper targets to shoot. 99 rounds sounds like a lot, but each round is the same, only faster. Both games may as well be a test to see if your Light Phaser works, they’re so bereft of purpose. Safari Hunt takes you through the jungle on an animal hunt, and more importantly, feels like an actual game. Still, the shooting is pretty bare-bones, and Sega obviously knew it if they threw it onto a cartridge with two other titles. I got nothing against light gun games, but these were all pretty poor ways for Sega to introduce their Zapper lookalike into the world.

Welcome to mid-80s gaming, folks. Thanks to SegaRetro for this screenshot.

Oh well. I suppose the Light Phaser was worth it for Gangster Town.


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