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Two weeks ago, I was approached via e-mail by Bakdrop, a company who wanted to partner with me in making “Dylan Cornelius socks.” They informed me there was no upfront financial investment on my end, and I only stood to profit from the venture.


Uh huh, sure. I thought this was an odd hoax at first. Surely in order for this venture to proceed I would have to give Bakdrop my social security number, bank accounts, and first born child. I’m not a big name in the gaming community, so why would a random company reach out to me? And to make socks, no less?


After researching the company further and talking with folks who have worked with them (like Lazy Game Reviews), I’m convinced they’re the real deal. And so, after toying with a number of designs, the first ever Dylan Cornelius sock is available for purchase.




If nothing else, I’m tickled by the sock’s existence. Once I found out Bakdrop was legit, I couldn’t say no.

Here’s the link for purchase:


If you are interested in adding some funky retro-themed socks to your collection, know that you only have a limited time to purchase them (a little over 7 days at the time of this posting). And a minimum of 20 must be purchased before they are made and delivered. You’ll only be charged if the campaign is successful.


For those wondering, Bakdrop set the price of the socks and the campaign time. The only input I had was the look of the sock.

Now if only publishing books were this easy…

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