5 Ways the Dreamcast Could Have Survived

  Many thanks to James Swift for peering into this alternate timeline!   When it comes to home console gaming, there’s no greater “what might have been” story than the Sega Dreamcast. Despite only being around for two and a half years, the system remains one of the most beloved of all-time, having given us […]

Every Sonic Game Ever: Part 3

  Part 1 tackles Sonic titles from ’91-’95 Part 2 moves through ’03   SONIC HEROES     In Sonic Heroes, you control a team of three characters: Team Sonic (Sonic, Tails, Knuckles), Team Dark (Shadow, Rouge, E-123), Team Rose (Amy, Cream, Big), Team Fruity Pebbles (Bam Bam, Dino, Diabetes). There’s a lot of damn […]

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