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Exciting news, friends! I have been invited as a guest for the Retronauts live panel at the Midwest Gaming Classic. Retronauts caretakers and USgamer seniority, Jeremy Parish and Bob Mackey, will be hosting, while Greg Sewart, of EGM and Generation-16 fame, and I will be their backup. We’re chatting about the 30th anniversary of the Master System in what I assume will be exhaustive detail. Thank goodness the console’s first four years are fresh in my memory. If you’re in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on April 9th at 2pm, come check us out!

(And yes, I am Bram stoked).

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  1. Cool, I listen to that podcast. This will be a great episode. Maybe you can make it to my neck of woods at the Rocky Mtn Pinball Showdown and Gameroom Expo in Denver this Summer!

    1. Thanks Josh! I too have been a fan of Jeremy’s work since the 1up days, and the Retronauts podcast has soundtracked my life on good and bad days. I was overwhelmed and honored to be asked!

  2. This is pretty fantastic. Im sure you’ll be very knowledgable on the subject. Love that Greg Sewart will be there too. Love his generation-16 series. Although…. He is not really up on his Master System. I think he’s said he hasn’t really played a lot of games for the system. I know a couple of months ago he was asking for a list of good games to play for it over on the Player One Podcast forums, Maybe he’s boned up on it. I think the list a I gave him was pretty close to my top 10 list I posted with a few changes, Like a lot of people he had a NES and went to the Genesis early on.

    Really this is like the joining up of my 3 favorite video games podcasts.

    Hey and maybe you can sell a lot of books there since it is a classic gaming convention.

    1. Thanks Sean! The timing on this panel couldn’t be better, what with us just finishing the first half of the MS library. I’ll definitely sample some of the console’s wares from the early 90s too. I was just looking at the Player One Podcast over in iTunes… almost 500 episodes?! I didn’t know they had been around that long. I read Greg’s reviews as a kid and am a little psyched to meet him. 90s EGM was the best EGM.

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