What’s Next! – October 1990


1990 is nearly over. The Genesis/Mega Drive is gaining ground in America. The Master System is alive and well in Europe. The Game Gear has just been launched in Japan. Sega’s schedule is growing more hectic by the year, and it’s only going to get crazier as we venture deeper into the ’90s.


Presented here is the release schedule for Sega games for the month of October 1990. As I review these games, I will include the links to the reviews within the schedule. All release dates are from Japan, unless otherwise noted. If you like this idea of a month-by-month calendar, let me know in the comments below.




Rainbow Islands Extra – 10/05/90



Sega Game Gear 10/06/90



Columns – 10/06/90



Super Monaco GP – 10/06/90



Pengo – 10/06/90



Rastan Saga II – 10/10/90



Final Zone/FZ Senki Axis – 10/12/90



Slaughter Sport/Fatman – 10/12/90



Burning Force – 10/19/90



Arrow Flash – 10/20/90



Tel-Tel Stadium – 10/21/90



Dynamite Duke – 10/27/90



Zan Gear – 10/27/90



Fire Shark – 10/90 (US)

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17 thoughts on “What’s Next! – October 1990

  1. I agree with Mike, it is tough to sort through all the system lists and figure out what’s next (and it’ll only get more chaotic as Sega adds more systems). It’s good to see he actual order that you will tackle them.

  2. Fire Shark brought a big grin to my face — I literally had a very fun session with that game this past weekend! I go through phases of being really into shoot ’em ups, and I am currently going through one!

  3. Looking forward to these reviews, Dylan! Fire Shark is one of my favorite Genesis shmups, and quite possibly my favorite vertical scrolling shooter game on the system, with the possible exceptions of MUSHA and/or GrindStormer. I’ll also be curious about your thoughts on Dynamite Duke, since that’s a supposed classic I’ve never owned or place, even via emulation. Arrow Flash is good, never heard of Zan Gear, and Slaughter Sport is utter trash, so that will be a fun review to read. The Genesis Gems podcast just did that game recently, and they pretty much all said it was garbage. Curious as to what you’ll think of Final Zone – again, not a game I’ve played, and I’ve heard mixed things about it.

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